How to Sell to a Pawn Shop

If you have an item sitting around that you just don’t have any use for anymore, or if you’re in need of fast cash, then you could sell it to a pawn shop. Pawn shops are available to give you fast cash, when you need, as long as you have something you want. Before you walk into that pawn shop and start selling your items, we encourage you to take a look at these tips so that you will have a better understanding on how to sell to a pawn shop.


Find the Best Pawn Shop

PawnThanks to the advancements in technology, unlike in the past, today, we are able to do our research online, in the convenience of our own homes. You can look online to see what others have been saying about the pawn shops in your area. After you have done your research, you should be able to choose a reputable shop and broker that you feel comfortable doing business with. You should also know that some pawn shops may specialize in specific items. For example, if you have an antique that you’re trying to sell, then you should look for a pawn shop that specializes in buying and selling antiques.


Do You Want to Pawn or Sell?

Before you even go into the pawn shop, it is important that you know whether or not you want to pawn, or sell.  Pawn shops are going to give you this option, so you need to educate yourself on those options – there are ups and downs to each option. Your decision should be based on numerous factors, including your ability to be able to repay the money back, and the value of your item.



Pawn store owners aren’t collectors – they are re sellers and that is what they are interested in doing with your items. A collector may value their vintage vinyl at $100 or more, but that doesn’t mean the pawn broker is going to give you that price. Before you even visit the pawn shop, you need to have a minimum price in your head and make sure you don’t make a decision you regret after you walk out.


Prove Your Claims

Let’s say you have a valuable piece of jewelry that you would like to sell. If this is the case, you should visit an appraiser and have them appraise it for you. This way, you will be able to prove the jewelries worth to the pawnbroker. On the same note, if you have an item that runs on batteries, you need to make sure it has a fresh set of batteries in it so that you can demonstrate how it works. Also, if you have the items original packaging, this is also helpful when you’re trying to sell an item to a pawn shop.



On an ending note, when you’re showing your items, show them in the best light possible. If you have some dust on an antique, this may make since, but it’s not going to make sense if the dust is on your printer. Look at your item and imagine yourself purchasing it – would you purchase it in its current condition or does it need cleaned up? Selling to a pawn shop like is always a good idea.