Golf Shirts Basics And How To Look Like A Gentleman On The Greens

GOLF SHIRTS Jerseys are iconic for basketball. Uniforms are essential for baseball. Swimsuits are basic for swimming. And for the gentleman’s game of golf? Just wearing a loose and untucked shirt could get you thrown off the green. Whether you’re a serious golfer or not, everyone adheres to the etiquette of the game and that includes wearing collared golf shirts.

This modest game started out with men playing in suits. Men used to wear long trousers complemented with collared shirts with ties underneath their morning coats back in the 1800’s. Styles have evolved throughout the years but the collared shirts for golf remained to symbolize the conservative sport.

Polo Shirts vs. Golf shirts

Now, most people would think that a regular polo shirt would be enough. If you look at it, there are barely any differences between ordinary polo shirts and golf shirts. But the subtle differences can impact how you feel when playing golf. As they say, you must dress the part to play the part. The following distinctions can help you differentiate one from the other:

  1. Shirts for golf are made of moisture-wicking fabric.

Moisture-wicking fabrics pull moisture away from the skin. Most active wear are designed with this type of textile. Shirts for playing golf, in particular, are made of 50/50 cotton and polyester blend or 100% polyester to aid players when sweating through the 9-hole or 18-hole course.

  1. Golf shirt collars are meant to stay down.

The collar and the sleeve cuffs on these shirts are double-stitched, intended to stay flat and loose. On polo shirts, however, the collars are typically soft-welted with cuffs that can be turned up when the sun is glaring at your neck. Warning: pop up that collar at your own fashion risk. But on the green, the collar stays down.

  1. Shirts for golf have breast pockets.

Though styles through the ages have made breast pockets optional, if not obsolete, the breast pocket was placed there for functionality. It goes on the left side of the shirt and is meant to hold the scorecard and the pencil. Today, most collared shirts for golf keep the design simple. This is why polo shirts, tennis shirts, and golf shirts are said to be interchangeable.

Putting the Look Together

Of course, wearing the collared shirt doesn’t just make you look like a golfer instantly. It’s not called a gentleman’s sport if you’re just going to wear jogging pants or slippers with that clean shirt. Looking like a gentleman means looking sleek and coordinated from top to bottom. Here’s a few styling tips:

  1. GolfShirts need to be tucked in.

It’s not just about wearing proper clothing. How you wear it matters too and when it comes to golf, you need to tuck in that shirt. Dressing sharply gives the look of confidence and professionalism which are both highly regarded in this sport.

  1. Wear good-fitting trousers or shorts.

Golf looks like a dressy sport because a true golfer wears good-fitting apparel. When it comes to trousers, the appropriate length would be having the bottom of the pants meet just the top of the shoes. If you’re going with shorts, it should fall just above your kneecaps.

  1. You can’t go wrong with khakis.

If you’re one who isn’t picky and doesn’t like comprehending what color of pants goes with a patterned golf shirt, a pair of khakis won’t lead you astray. Its versatility allows you to pair it with almost anything. It also adheres to a good gentleman’s style rule: simple, simple, simple.

  1. Socks should come just right on your ankles.

Golf shoes are not sneakers. These are lighter and usually with special soles for traction if not made with plastic spikes. Socks should go up by the ankles or should be worn just under the shoe for the right fit.

In golf, the way you present yourself is as important as your performance. Dressing appropriately is a sign of respecting the game and being a true gentleman. By starting with collared golf shirts, you don’t only dress to impress, you also dress to play the game.